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Open Paint Classes (Richton Park Community Center)

2021 Calendar of Events

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Richton Park Community Center




(Parks & Recreation, Programs, Click Flyer Image on Richton Park's Website to Register)

Date 1 of 6: 3/12/21

Painting: Kiss Me

(Pre-Sketched Canvas)

Date 2 of 6: 3/26/21

Painting: Peace Sign

(Pre-Sketched Canvas)

Date 3 of 6: 4/9/21

Painting: Sunset Skyline

(Blank Canvas)

Date 4 of 6: 4/23/21

Painting: Visions

(Pre-Sketched Canvas)

Date 5 of 6: 5/7/21

Painting: Electric Lady with Real Glitter Afro

(Pre-Sketched Canvas)

*See Flyer for more details (e.g., Covid Rules and Regulations)

*Please note: No late arrivals will be allowed to enter.

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